Zoetic Couture is the fashion line we all have been waiting for. Zoetic pronounced zo-et’ik: originating from the Latin language meaning, of or pertaining to life was founded by three alumnae of Delaware State University who have sought to bring you clothes of or pertaining to your everyday life with an urban/ couture twist. Zoetic Couture clothing are necessities designed for men, women and children. These articles of outward expression have been created and provided to bring fashionable accessibility to the trendy under one name brand while enriching your sense of individuality.


Zoetic Couture was built on a foundation of sisterhood which was bonded on April 17th, 2005 when Alonda Stevenson, Annette Davis and Sara Hatchett vowed to provide, “Service to all Mankind” as members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. During this time we realized that we were each very different from one another. Amongst the few loves we share alike, our hallmark is our love for fashion.


In addition, we recognize that the world of Greek Paraphernalia is lacking a trendy variety to satisfy our diverse senses of fashion. Nevertheless, we have come together under Zoetic Couture to deliver eclectic Greek fashion to all fraternities and sororities. With that said, we present you with our specialty line which includes an array of graphic tee’s, sweat attire and accessories. Thank You for visiting Zoetic Couture!