1. How do I find the size/fit I need?


For Women: When selecting tops/tees/dresses, we recommend that you use your true numerical dress size.

XS- 0-2

S- 2- 4

M- 6-8

L- 10-12

XL- 14-16

2XL- 16-18

3XL- 20-22

4XL- 22- 24


For Babies And Toddlers: We recommend you use height as the best determining factor for your child’s size. You can always choose one size larger – remember, those kids are always growing!


Once you have found your size (please note that your size for women or men may be different than your size in unisex items), please refer to the item’s fit located in the item description.


Slim Fit: This garment will fit very close to the body and hug your curves. Good to wear as bottom layer. For a more regular fit, buy one size larger.


Regular Fit: This garment will skim the body. It will not be too loose or too tight.


Oversize Fit: This garment will be loose and roomy, and it will drape over the body. For a more regular fit, buy a smaller size than normal.


All measurements are listed in inches.



Buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees (hereinafter collectively “agrees”) that he/she is an Authorized Buyer only if he/she is buying goods bearing Sorority marks and designs for an AKA member’s personal use and not for resale. Buyer agrees that a non-member is not allowed to purchase, own, wear or possess such items. 

Buyer also agrees that purchasing Sorority goods for any other reason is prohibited and doing so under false pretense authorizes Sorority to immediately (1) remove or cause to be removed the goods from the internet and all social media platforms including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, eBay, Twitter, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy (hereinafter, “Third Party”) and (2) repossess such good(s) from Buyer and any Third Party trying to sell them. Buyer agrees to waive its First Sale Doctrine right to subsequently sell any item(s), bearing a Sorority Mark.”

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